COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project
Bulletin # 11

March 12, 2004

This is the eleventh bulletin on progress of the COMSAT Legacy Project and I have some significant progress to report.

Incorporation of the nonprofit COMSAT Legacy Foundation will, hopefully, be completed shortly but, in the meantime, Lockheed has agreed to our use of the COMSAT logo in advance of the incorporation. Steve Teller has produced a first draft of a Legacy logo for us.

Videos and Photos
I met this week with the key workers, Geoff Brown, Mike Hulley, Hale Montgomery and Steve Teller, to review progress and reorient our future plans for digitizing our COMSAT collection. We agreed that our first priority would be graphics processing with paper records to stay on the back burner for now. Steve Teller's processing center is up and running and between it and Geoff's home office, it has been possible to digitize over 1000 pictures and 10 videos so far. These facilities can handle everything except for the celluloid films which would have to be done commercially at substantial expense. Hale plans to prepare a solicitation for outside funding of film conversion. Meanwhile, work on photos, slides and tapes will continue.

Our artifact collection has been enhanced by a contribution from John L. Martin. It consists of Marisat and Comstar models as well as three launch vehicle models.

Web Site
Steve Teller has our web site,, under construction. There are already several galleries on line containing the pictures digitized so far. When these galleries become more complete, we will solicit assistance from COMSAT veterans and others in identifying the contents of the photos.

COMARA has scheduled it's annual COMSAT reunion at the Army Navy Country Club on March 23. Last year, we brought a collection of framed photos and artifacts for viewing by the attendees. This year, Geoff Brown will provide a Power Point show using 654 of our digitized slides. I am also planning, subject to satisfactory security arrangements, to bring the EMMY statuette and the recently acquired models.

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