COMSAT Legacy Foundation
The COMSAT Legacy Foundation
Bulletin #12
June 3, 2004

This is the twelfth bulletin on progress by the COMSAT Legacy Foundation.  Something may have gone wrong with the dissemination of the last bulletin issued on March 12.  It is not as yet available on either the Legacy or Comara web sites but, if you would like to get a copy, let me know.

We are now incorporated as the COMSAT Legacy Foundation in the state of Delaware.  At present, I am the only listed officer, Founding President.  Bill Coulter has agreed to continue to serve as General Counsel and Secretary and I have recruited Walt McKee to serve as Vice President and Ed Slack as Treasurer.  Between them, Walt and Ed have over 65 years of COMSAT experience spanning the early Intelsat-oriented period as well as the later, more diverse era and make a great addition to the team.  The existing Advisory Board members are expected to accept membership on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Steve Teller and I met in Clarksburg with the Curator of Manuscripts at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library at Johns Hopkins University.  She expressed a strong interest in acquiring the COMSAT collection and I subsequently received a formal “letter of interest” from the Dean of University Libraries at Johns Hopkins.  Johns Hopkins has its own storage facilities in Moravia outside of Baltimore and will soon have an environmentally secure room for perishables like celluloid.  The arrangements for transfer will be reviewed by the Board and our Counsel but, as of now, I see no obstacle making this arrangement.  The COMSAT materials will likely be moved in various categories over time and I may be soliciting your help in further sifting to remove duplicates from the files to be transferred.

I am considering starting work on a history collection which would consist of historical vignettes written by COMSAT veterans.  This collection could be placed on our web site and/or published.  Hale Montgomery has some interesting ideas on a low cost publishing process and  If you have any thoughts of your own on such a project, please pass them on to me.

Our web site,, is up and operating.  There is much work to be done in the structure and sorting of materials but there is already a large collection of photos.  We hope, eventually, to offer video compatible with both dial-up and high speed access.

Ed Martin

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