COMSAT Legacy Foundation
The COMSAT Legacy Foundation
Bulletin #14
October 1, 2004

This is the fourteenth bulletin on progress by the COMSAT Legacy Foundation.

The first set of COMSAT records in the new COMSAT archives will be available for inspection beginning next week at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  Those records are:

Bound Volume     Corporate Publications, 1963-1968
Bound Volume     Corporate Publications, 1968-1973
Annual Reports:      COMSAT-1964-1993;1995-1998
Annual Reports:     COMSAT Labs: 1983;1985-1988
Shareholder Reports-quarterly statements-1964-1985;1986
Scrapbooks-press clippings-1962-1969 (6 volumes)
Press releases, 1962-1994-COMSAT and subsidiaries
Transcripts of COMSAT Oral History Project interviews
Communications Satellite Corporation Initial Stock Offering,” Volumes I & II
Communications Satellite Corporation-1st Annual Meeting of Stockholders,      1964
Establishment of the Corporation
Public Disclosure Documents, 2000
RAND Report: Satellites and Technology for Communications-Shaping the Future, J.L. Hult, January, 1968

To arrange access, contact me per contact information below.  Work has begun on the next shipment and when it is ready for access, you will be informed.

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