COMSAT Legacy Foundation
The COMSAT Legacy Foundation
Bulletin #15
November 22, 2004

This is the fifteenth bulletin on progress by the COMSAT Legacy Foundation.

Walt McKee and I delivered another twenty-two boxes of COMSAT records to Johns Hopkins. This includes two boxes of McLucas records and essentially completes the archiving of paper materials. We have retained ten boxes of duplicate records and will develop plans for their disposition in the future. Processing at Hopkins of the latest delivery should be completed after Thanksgiving and I will publicize their inventory when available. We had a chance to see what they have done in the way of organization of the first shipment and any researchers should be very pleased to see the results. Margaret Burri is working on the COMSAT archives personally and is developing an administrative history of COMSAT, a task in which we may provide some assistance. Our next priority will be tapes and films after which we will deal with photos and slides followed by duplicate records and artifacts.

We now have two prospective authors with a strong interest in writing a narrative history of COMSAT. We are at a standstill, however, since in either case, the author is in need of a grant to sustain him while he works on the project. Any ideas on fund raising would be most appreciated.

The gallery section of our web site ( ) has been reorganized and expanded to include a new gallery of COMSAT people. You are encouraged to check it out; you may even find yourself memorialized.

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