COMSAT Legacy Project
The COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletin #2
December 5, 2002

All of you receiving these bulletins have either expressed your support for the COMSAT Legacy Project, offered assistance or sent a cash donation. This report has been somewhat delayed by a series of illnesses but things are moving along. A number of you have indicated a willingness to help and I have not forgotten this. The time is fast approaching where I will need lots of help and this bulletin provides some details with an appeal for a response from you.

Bill Coulter has joined the organization as Counsel and is working with Lockheed on the legal arrangements for transferring COMSAT materials to the Legacy Project. We are saddened by the loss of one of our directors, John McLucas, who died last Sunday.

Work at Lockheed Martin
I have finished my review at Bethesda and Clarksburg and have identified about 75 boxes of materials for preservation. Lockheed has agreed to early removal of graphics and I have already brought home a box of slides from Bethesda. Also, labs photos that had been stored in Clarksburg have been distributed to Labs veterans. My present plan is to bring all other photos to my home where the issue of environmentally safe storage will become moot. I believe that Lockheed will release to me most of the other materials that I have identified. Transfer is tentatively scheduled for the second week in January.

I will need help involving a wide variety of activities. This help may take the form of technical or other advice, assistance in identifying facilities in photos like satellites and earth stations, physical help in packing up and identifying categories of materials at Lockheed next month, advice and assistance on digitizing and storing graphic material, advice and assistance in the design and establishment of a web site, visits to our remote storage site to review and catalog paper records and videotapes and a host of things I have yet to identify.

There is one vital task in which I need everyone's help and that is the creation of an inventory of available COMSAT artifacts suitable for display in a museum setting. Even if you told me in the past about things in your possession, please repeat yourself to ensure that I have not lost track of what you have. There is some interest at Intelsat and the Air & Space museum but I must have a well defined inventory before entering into discussions with them.

Also, please pass this message along to any others that you deem appropriate.

Ed Martin

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