COMSAT Legacy Foundation
The COMSAT Legacy Foundation
COMSAT Legacy Foundation Bulletin #21
November 3, 2005

This is the twenty-first bulletin on progress by the COMSAT Legacy Foundation.

Consideration of returning the COMSAT legacy effort to Comara continues. Subsequent to a legal review by attorneys from both sides, Comara has submitted to us a series of questions which we have answered. We expect to hear more after consideration by the Comara Board of our response.

The COMSAT Archives are now open to the public at the Sheridan Libraries on Johns Hopkins Baltimore campus. Johns Hopkins has published the Finders Aid for the COMSAT collection and has made it publicly available on the Internet at:

A copy is also attached to this report. In addition, GWU has published a Finders Aid for the Charyk papers and it can be viewed at:


The Harper portrait is now in the hands of his son, Tom Harper, in Maryville Tennessee. I expect it to be hung in the Blount County Library there. As you may recall, Maryville was John Harper's home town.

The Early Bird oil painting has been delivered to Intelsat Headquarters this past week. Intelsat has been chosen over the Smithsonian since the best the Smithsonian could promise is that it would be hung in someone's private office.

Walt McKee and I have completed an inventory of the remaining COMSAT artifacts now stored in Clarksburg. This will be added to an inventory of those items stored in my home, after which a plan will be developed for their disposition. Any views you may wish to share on the disposition of these artifacts or the duplicate records now stored in Clarksburg would be welcome.

I continue to consider the possibility of creating a collection of COMSAT memories on line to be called "The COMSAT Chronicles" This would require the creation of an "Editorial Board" and the submission of contributions by COMSAT veterans for possible posting on line. Please share your thoughts on this idea as well as information on your willingness to participate.

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