COMSAT Legacy Project
The COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletin #3
January 27, 2003

This is my third report on progress on the COMSAT Legacy Project for those who have shown an interest in the effort.

Lockheed has requested that we incorporate as a not for profit and register with the IRS prior to executing an agreement for transfer of COMSAT records to us. Bill Coulter, our Counsel, is working on the details with Lockheed legal staff. I have registered the name "" on the Internet but there is no work currently underway on the web site.

Work at Lockheed Martin
Lockheed has completed the sale of the last major COMSAT asset, the Intelsat business, to Intelsat but the schedule for transfer of records to COMSAT Legacy is delayed, probably into March.

I now have a collection of slides and photos at home and will be tapping volunteers to help me identify and evaluate them. Among the interesting finds is a photo of Siegfried Reiger holding an Emmy statuette in addition to photos relating to the more recent Emmy award to COMSAT. Also, there is a photo of an NAACP medal which, John Evans informs me, was awarded to COMSAT for its efforts in recruiting minorities. The locations of the statuette and medal are currently unknown.

My estimate at the size of the collection of records and video tapes headed for storage remains at 75 boxes (about 90 cubic feet). Much help will be needed at the storage location to review and catalog the materials.

Display for Comara Party
I am hoping to arrange a small but, hopefully, interesting display for the Comara party on March 4. There are two COMSAT banners, a few framed photos and some pictures which can be taken home by participants. Linda Brobst has volunteered to create a scrapbook out of a collection of early press clippings.

Other Activities
Hale Montgomery has taken on the task of reviewing video materials that are not in VHS format. David Lee has donated a light table which will facilitate the review of the 35 mm slide collection.

My request for information on availability of materials suitable for museum display yielded a disappointingly low response but I will pursue this more vigorously in the future

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