COMSAT Legacy Project
The COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletin #6
August 1, 2003

This is my sixth report on progress of the COMSAT Legacy Project for the information of those who have donated, volunteered or, otherwise, shown an interest in the effort. It would appear that the yearlong effort to acquire COMSAT materials from Lockheed Martin is finally drawing to a conclusion as reported below. Pleased note that I am looking for volunteers to help with the physical move and the necessary resorting of the materials.

Work at Lockheed Martin
David E. Phillips, Lockheed Martin's Director of Corporate Philanthropy, has sent Bill Coulter, COMSAT Legacy Counsel, a letter which constitutes a certificate of donation or bill of sale for zero dollars to cover the documents, papers, drawings, recordings, photographs, books, records, artifacts and other memorabilia retained by Lockheed and relating to the history of the Communications Satellite Corporation. Bill also reports that we should acquire the EMMY award on a long term loan basis (Academy rules preclude sale or other transfer of title) as soon as next week. We also expect to receive a five year cost-free renewable license to use the COMSAT name and logo for noncommercial purposes.

The next step will involve the physical move of the Lockheed materials to space in the IOT Systems facility in Clarksburg. This should be simple since IOT is located directly above the Lockheed records storage in the Clarksburg East Wing. The move should take place during the latter half of August and I ask that you volunteer to assist with this move.

The preliminary inventory of the COMSAT materials stored in Clarksburg as reported last time was completed. Unfortunately, like materials were not necessarily stored together so that I must once again recruit a team to resort materials so that, for example, we have newspapers, magazines, press releases and history project reports in common boxes. This will be done in the IOT facility subsequent to the physical move. It is essential to complete this work before resuming discussions with potential archiving agencies and, so, I am asking for volunteers for this activity as well.

I plan to create our first video on DVD with the help of Hale Montgomery and Steve Teller has agreed to create the first gallery of selected photos on CD. This experience should help us to plan a larger scale program to convert selected parts of our library of photos, films and tapes. Ron Garlow, Web Master for Comara, has also indicated an interest in participating in the digitization work. As this activity progresses, it may become timely to activate one of the web sites that I reserved last year.

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