COMSAT Legacy Project
The COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletin #7
September 1, 2003

This is the seventh bulletin on progress of the COMSAT Legacy Project for the information of those who have donated, volunteered or, otherwise, shown an interest in the effort.

Work with Lockheed Martin
At long last and some nine months later than my original forecast, custody of COMSAT records and artifacts has been transferred by Lockheed to COMSAT Legacy. Last week, I led a team of volunteers including Walt McKee, Mike Hulley and Geoff Brown to Clarksburg to effect the physical move to IOT headquarters. Recall that we are using Steve Teller's facility one floor above Lockheed Records in Clarksburg for storage. Additional COMSAT materials keep trickling into the Lockheed Records Center so that additional moves should be anticipated in the future. Among the artifacts that recently surfaced are oil portraits of Leo Welch and John Harper and a silver shovel from the groundbreaking at Roaring Creek. If you have an idea about an appropriate place to display the shovel, please contact me. I also picked up the "Desert Storm" EMMY a few weeks ago and am storing it in my home until a permanent site can be found. If I can locate Irma or Peter Reiger, I may be able to find out what has become of the other EMMY.

Later this month, I will return to Clarksburg to begin sorting the records for archival consideration. I will be looking for volunteers to help once again. Steve Teller at IOT has begun some digitization of the records and has scanned most of the bound volumes of the COMSAT History Project. The planned video work is on temporary hold pending Hale Montgomery's recovery from his most recent surgery.

I am awaiting the transmission of the license agreement from Lockheed for signature. Once that is in hand along with the art work, I hope to design appropriate stationery using the COMSAT logo.

I still hope to formulate a plan for a satellite communications exhibit for consideration by Air & Space which would feature but not be limited to COMSAT. My search for Early Bird F-2 has resulted in the embarrassing discovery that it has been hanging in plain sight in the Intelsat lobby all along.

Ed Martin

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