COMSAT Legacy Project
The COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletin #8
October 11, 2003

This is the eighth bulletin on progress of the COMSAT Legacy Project for the Friends of the COMSAT Legacy Project.

Last month I was joined by Mike Hulley, Dave Lipke, Walt McKee and Steve Teller to begin sorting the COMSAT records at Clarksburg. I estimate that the work is 85% to 90% complete and I plan to return alone to finish up in the coming weeks. One of the more interesting documents we found was what was probably the first press release from COMSAT, issued in 1962. It announced the formation of the Board of Incorporators.

In addition to the records there is still a huge collection of movies, tapes, photos and slides to be dealt with. In the first significant expenditure of Legacy funds, I have had a 16 mm movie of the Early Bird launch activities transferred to an S-VHS master and a VHS review copy. From this master, it will also be possible to transfer to DVD and I see this film as the first building block for a COMSAT video.

My attempts to find suitable recipients for the Welch and Harper portraits have not been very fruitful. My letters to EXXON and ALCOA seeking assistance in that effort have, thus far, resulted in one answer from EXXON. Their research only yielded the date of Leo Welch's death. Arrangements have been made to return the shovel from the Roaring Creek groundbreaking to the station for display. Steve teller has volunteered to deliver it in person.

It remains a goal to formulate a plan for a satellite communications exhibit for consideration by Air & Space. In that regard, please bring to my attention any artifacts, whether or not in your possession, that appear worthy to be included in such an exhibit. Even if you told me before, please tell me again.

Ed Martin

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