COMSAT Legacy Project
The COMSAT Legacy Project
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletin #9
December 2, 2003

This is the ninth bulletin on progress of the COMSAT Legacy Project and my principal message is an appeal for volunteers to take on main responsibility for various individual elements of the effort.

Bill Coulter is producing the necessary paperwork for incorporation of COMSAT Legacy and this should occur soon. Bill and I will serve as the initial two officers required for incorporation and the Advisory Board will be transformed into a Board of Directors. In addition, with particular regard to my personal limitations in both stamina and talent, I am seeking volunteers to take over some major activities associated with preserving the COMSAT legacy. Those so far identified are:

Video Production
(Hale Montgomery has already volunteered for this job, see update below)
Artifacts & Exhibits
Responsible for identifying and acquiring COMSAT artifacts and making arrangements for exhibition with institutions like the Smithsonian. (I have so licited one individual so far)
Web Site Development
(Steve Teller has volunteered for this but could probably use some help since he is engaged in a full time job)
Photo Gallery Development
Review the collection of slides and photos acquired from Lockheed and others to identify those suitable for digitizing and arranging for digital processing necessary for web site display.
Note, Steve Teller has all the equipment necessary for this activity in Clarksburg.
Arrange for permanent storage of COMSAT records in appropriate libraries or other facilities and digitize selected records for web site availability. Note, Steve Teller has offered to have the equipment and work shop location for the digital processing.

Please give your earnest consideration to pitching in on one of these activities. Your only compensation will be the satisfaction of completing a job worth doing and the eternal gratitude of many COMSAT veterans. I will be providing all the assistance I can to everyone.

The Early Bird film was converted to VHS which tape was then forwarded to "Charyk Productions". As a result we now have a first cut of a DVD version with narration by Joseph Charyk. It is a great start for an eventual COMSAT video.

We have some really good news from Hale Montgomery. He has recruited senior staff from the Library of Congress to assist us in the video work. They are Patrick Loughney, head of the film and video division of the Moving Image section of the LOC and Michael Mashone, Curator of the Motion Picture Division. We, in turn, would give them non-exclusive access to our films and tapes. Next Wednesday, Hale and I will meet with Mr. Mashone and Steve Teller in Clarksburg to begin the review. Hale informs me that the Moving Image section of the LOC has more than 42,000 titles, the largest historical archive of that kind in the world.

Seasons Blessings to you all and thanks for your continuing support.

Ed Martin

Edward J. Martin
Executive Secretary
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