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Welcome to The COMSAT Legacy Project.

The COMSAT Legacy Project is a COMARA organization formed for the single purpose of preserving the history and accomplishments of the COMSAT corporation for posterity.

The COMSAT Legacy Project was operated by Edward J. Martin, President, William Coulter, Counsel with a number of volunteers who donate their services.  It was funded by contributions from COMSAT veterans and guided by a Board of Directors chaired by Joseph V. Charyk.  In addition to Martin and Coulter, the other directors were David Acheson, Lucius D. Battle, Jerome W. Breslow, John V. Evans, John A. Johnson, Sidney Metzger and Carl J. Reber.  See COMSAT Legacy Project.

The former COMSAT Legacy Foundation has transferred many COMSAT materials formerly in the possession of Lockheed Martin and others.  Such materials are now stored at the headquarters of IOT Systems LLC in the former COMSAT Laboratories building at 22300 COMSAT Drive, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871.  Steve Teller, President of IOT Systems, serves as Custodian of the COMSAT Archives on behalf of the
Legacy Project.

To the extent practicable, arrangements have made for placement of COMSAT publications such as COMSAT News, Pathways, COMSAT Magazine, Marifacts, COMSAT Technical Review and Press releases into a controlled access library
for viewing by COMSAT vets and other interested parties, the archiving of records for historical research, the placement of COMSAT artifacts at at Johns Hopkins University (  COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins ), and the creation of a web site and of discs to display COMSAT photos and videos.  Steve Teller operates the website on behalf of the COMSAT Legacy Project of COMARA.

A fairly extensive effort has begun to digitize the COMSAT Legacy Archives in Clarksburg.   Fortunately, the
COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins is working with us and providing material that we do not have to digitize.

COMSAT Technical Reviews: COMSAT Technical Review Page
COMSAT Magazine: COMSAT Magazine
COMSAT News & Pathways: COMSAT News
COMSAT Laboratories Annual Reports/Review: COMSAT Labs Review
COMSAT Oral Histories: COMSAT Oral History Page
COMSAT at 10: COMSAT at 10
COMSAT at 15: COMSAT at 15
COMSAT Videos: COMSAT Videos
Joseph V. Charyk papers at George Washington University: Joseph V. Charyk papers at George Washington University
COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins(Original,archived here): COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins
COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins(New, active): COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins
Reflections of a Technocrat: Reflections of a Technocrat by John McLucas
COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletins by the late Ed Martin: COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletins

IOT History Project: IOT History Project

COMSAT Laboratories Building: COMSAT Laboratories Building

NASA/ACTS Program: Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (ACTS) Program

Satellite Television Corporation (STC): Satellite Television Corporation (STC)

Some of the Photos are available on the Gallery Page. Click on the Gallery button on the top of this page to begin viewing the photos.
We have established a COMSAT Research Page is intended to be used as a resource in the process of writing a textbook on COMSAT and a series of articles on COMSAT for SSPI.  I am in the process of forming an editorial board and recruiting authors.  Each author ideally would write about what their area did in COMSAT.  Anyone who is interested in serving on the editorial board or who would like to nominate someone else, please contact me.

The extensive effort of the COMSAT Legacy Foundation is greatly appreciated.  The ongoing support of the
COMARA is greatly appreciated.  All comments, suggestions and offers of assistance will be most welcome. 
Please contact me.

Steve Teller
Phone: (301) 892-6256

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